Ranburne Town Council votes to cease using cash to pay vendors, contractors
May 30, 2018
By Bill Wilson
The Anniston Star

The Town Council here on Tuesday voted unanimously to end cash payouts of any kind to vendors and contractors.

Recently referees at a Ranburne Recreation Department baseball game were paid cash out of the concession stand. Mayor Jim Smith objected to that practice, explaining that he wants all of the town’s financial transactions to be paid by check. Doing so will help with auditing and record keeping, he said.

Recreation Department director Adam Downs and the council discussed a variety of ways for the officials to be paid, including a separate checking account or a contractor to manage the payments to game officials.

The council also voted unanimously to hire two police officers, one full time and one part time. The council discussed the pay scale for the new officers and went into executive session to discuss the two applicants.

Court and City Clerk Pamela Thompson told the council she is taking magistrate classes and should have her certificate of magistrate later this year.

Thompson told the council that things are running smoothly with municipal court and letters are being sent out promptly to those not appearing before the judge. Thompson said the letters inform the no-show defendants that their drivers license can be suspended if they do not show up to court.

Thompson said there were 29 cases for the month of May in municipal court and there were eight no-shows.

Thompson said that for the month of May $3,000 in fines have been collected and over $12,000 in fines have been collected so far this year.