Three hundred children, 6,000 eggs, five minutes
April 15, 2017
By Bill Wilson
The Anniston Star

Over 300 kids clutching flashlights and Easter baskets searched the city’s football field Friday night for their share of 6000 candy-filled eggs.

This was the 12th year that the Heflin Parks and Recreation Department has held the annual nocturnal egg hunt, according to a department representative. The event was free and open to children 10 and under.

“I’m going to get a million and a hundred eggs,” said 5-year-old Luna Wisehart after she hugged the Easter bunny who was on hand for hugs and photos.

The football field was cordoned off by yellow tape to separate the field by age groups. Once everyone was lined up, the lights were extinguished and the Easter egg stampede commenced.

Flickering flashlights and multi-colored glow sticks illuminated the field as the kids scrambled to pick up the plastic eggs. Excited screams and laughter filled the air.

Some kids used headlamps instead of flashlights to free up a hand to pick up the eggs. It took the kids about five minutes to pick up those 6000 eggs.