Price for work on Campbell Street Bridge increases for Heflin
April 7, 2017
By Bill Wilson
The Anniston Star

Heflin residents who live on the other side of the Campbell St. bridge are still waiting for the new bridge to be built.

The current bridge, is a single concrete slab topped with fading asphalt built in 1971. It spans the Cahulga Creek and was declared “structurally deficient and functionally obsolete” at its inspection in 2014, according to published reports. Traffic still travels along the bridge, however.

“We are at the mercy of ALDOT,” said Heflin Mayor Rudy Rooks of the date that construction will start.   

The city is responsible for all the engineering costs associated with the bridge, and the price tag on that work just increased by $58,000. The state is responsible for the construction costs of the bridge.

Rooks said state officials want the city to use a more complex bridge design than what Heflin officials had planned. The city initially budgeted $78,000 for the engineering portion of the bridge work, but with the new specifications from the state, that amount increased by $58,000.

“It all has to do with the hydro study of the openings to allow water through,” said Rooks. Hydro is short for hydrological, the scientific study of the properties and distribution of water on the earth’s surface.  

The original box culvert design the city proposed did not have any beams that would impede water flow like the new design according to Rooks.

“They are requiring a bridge, so we got to build a bridge, for that 30 foot opening we got to put in 120 foot bridge in three 40 foot sections,” Rooks said.

“They will drive pylons for the piers, it will be precast bridges that they will set in there,” said Rooks.

The new bridge will have two 12 foot lanes and the construction will take between eight and 12 months. During that time the eight to 10 residents who live on the other side of the bridge will have to endure an eight-mile detour, according to Rooks.