Employees added to healthcare plan
June 16, 2017

By Bill Wilson
The Cleburne News

The Cleburne County Commission voted unanimously to allow the employees of the Cleburne County Nursing Home and the Cleburne County EMS to get more affordable health insurance through the county’s insurer.

Denise White, chairman of the Cleburne County Hospital Board which oversees the nursing  home and EMS, pleaded with the commission to approve the resolution.

“Our family coverage is premium is $1170 per month, nobody can afford that,” White said.

White said that the high cost of insurance is driving away potential employees.

“So when we go to hire nurses in our facility they come in and we interview them and they find out how much our health insurance is, they just walk out,” Smith said.

Smith also said that the current employees can’t afford coverage.

“A lot of the employees don’t have any insurance because they can’t afford it,” Smith said.

Giving jobs to 120 people, the nursing home and EMS combined is one of the top three employers in the county according to Smith.

The commission also voted unanimously to allow ten light towers that were procured by the Cleburne County EMA through the CSEPP program to be made surplus effective August 1. Each commissioner gets two towers that can be placed with any volunteer fire department or search and rescue agency of their choosing.

The commission also voted unanimously to end service from county attorney Doug Ghee’s effective July 31st. Effective June 12, the commission is requesting attorneys with public sector experience who practice within the Cleburne/Calhoun circuit to send resumes to the commission. The commission will consider all applicants in the July work session.

The commission also asked Ghee to meet with attorney George Monk, who represents County Administrator Steve Swafford, to negotiate terms of Swafford’s early departure contract. The commission met for about an hour Monday in executive session to discuss the matter.   

The commissioners Monday night did not formally adjourn their meeting, but will reassemble at 5:30 p.m. on June 26 to continue the negotiations.