Pleasant Grove Elementary chosen for new early learning program
July 10, 2017
From WVTM 13

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey today announced that eight schools in five state school systems will lead a new effort to improve student success by "aligning effective teaching strategies and improving collaboration among educators in early elementary school grades."

The eight pilot schools for the Alabama Pre-K-through-Third-Grade Integrated Approach to Early Learning program include Pleasant Grove Elementary School, Kinston Elementary School, New Brockton Elementary School, Zion Chapel School, Wetumpka Elementary School, Barkley Bridge Elementary School and Skyline School. Each school will receive a $15,000 grant to purchase classroom materials and improve early learning experiences.

“A strong start in the early years of a child’s education ensures a strong finish in their later educational endeavors. Whether a student will find success in school and the workforce is traditionally evidenced in their performance by third grade,” Ivey said in a release. “If we haven’t given our students a strong learning foothold by the third grade, they will be fighting an uphill battle for the rest of their educational careers; this program addresses that truth head-on.”

The Alabama Pre-K-through-Third-Grade Integrated Approach to Early Learning program is a joint partnership between the Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education and the Alabama State Department of Education.