Pleasant Grove Elementary chosen as a pilot school for new education program
July 24, 2017
By Bill Wilson
The Cleburne News

Pleasant Grove Elementary is one of five schools in the state chosen as a pilot school for a program called the Alabama Pre-K Through Third Grade Integrated Approach to Early Learning, according to a press release from the governor's office on July 10.

According to Principal Adam Dasinger the school will receive a $70,000 grant to buy age-appropriate classroom materials to improve early learning experiences. The principal said that the state wanted to look at early childhood education in a different way, realizing that kids need not just literacy but different cognitive functions that develop over time.

“Once they are ready, they have their social, emotional, their language, cognitive; once those things have developed and you can assess how far they have gotten then their academics can be put into place as well,” said Dasinger.

“The Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education is looking for schools that might want to pilot this type of instruction with a certain type of assessment,” Dasinger said.

Dasinger said that Montgomery recognizes  that Pleasant Grove has great teachers and faculty.

The look of the classroom will change once the program starts.

“The classroom is going to look totally different than it has in the last 15 years just as far as materials and supplies,” Dasinger said.

The teachers are excited about the change in direction that this program will bring.

“I think you will see more hands on materials and interactive rather than worksheets, you’ll have your writing but it will be in different ways, math games, literacy games,” said pre-K teacher Jackie Blackwell.

First-grade teacher Vivian Hubbard is looking forward to the changes.

“I think this will bring back the social aspects of kindergarten and first grade that have gone away in the past 15 years,” Hubbard said.