Storms cause downed power lines, structure damage in Heflin
September 5, 2017
By Bill Wilson
The Anniston Star

A strong thunderstorm knocked down trees and powerlines in Heflin on Tuesday evening. Barricades had to be put up on Bells Mill Road due to a snapped power pole that left power lines dangling in the road. Other areas of the city also had trees knocked down.

Heflin resident, Terry Cadle, was watching the storm from his window on Evans Bridge Road and saw a huge oak tree toppled by the high winds. The tree smashed his pickup truck and landed on his house puncturing his metal roof. One of the limbs came through the ceiling in his den.

“I was just lookin out the window and the rain was blowing so much I couldn’t see the school over there, then I seen that tree just swaying back and forth and then it just fell,” Cadle said.

Cadle said the it sounded like “a bomb going off” as it came down.

“I went outside and looked at it; I called my insurance adjustor and then the fire department showed up,” Cadle said.

Duke Drive was also barricaded as crews worked on removing another downed tree Tuesday night.

Calhoun County Emergency Management Agency officials said Tuesday evening that the agency had received no reports of storm damage.